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The overall experience is very relaxing and calming, many users actually fall asleep. Some ear pressure will be experienced by most, similar to that while flying in a jet plane. You can use the same ear pressure clearing techniques used during flight.

Depending on your situation the number of sessions will vary. A typical session could last 30, 60, or 90 minutes, and protocols of 10, 20, and 40 sessions are commonly seen.

You should wear comfortable clothes and you will generally be asked to remove your shoes.

HBOT has an impeccable safety record. Under the guidance of a properly trained technician a safe experience is the standard. There are currently 14 FDA approved treatment protocols and dozens of “Off Label” uses that are in use today with a continued excellent safety record.

Upon the purchase of your chamber, ongoing support and training is available.
We will conduct an initial consultation, provide you with marketing materials to help drive traffic to your business along with an income projection plan that’ll reflect an extensive increase in revenue for your business, and customized office forms specific to your needs. Not only will all of this give you a marketing edge in your local community, but it will also help make sure that your center is following proper procedures.


Yes. It is safe for all skin types and all ages. It is 100% natural, drug free, chemical free, and non- invasive. It is painless and requires zero down time. There are no adverse short, or long-term side effects, it is easily self-administered, and FDA approved.

All the products can be purchased individually or in packages. The factors to consider would include: the appropriate controller and how many devices you would want to run concurrently, do you need portability, and what type and size of pad fits your needs.

They have similar benefits, but the choice comes down to the application you’re trying to accomplish. If you are looking for overall body benefits or a one size fits all approach the light bed or panels are a good choice. If you’re looking for a more localized treatment for chronic or acute issues or you need portability the wearable light pads would be an ideal fit.


Most users experience one of 2 different states depending on the settings used. On the “relax” or “basis” setting a calming and rested feeling is common. On the “vital” setting an invigorated or energized feeling is typical. Some users experience an abdominal tingling, while others report an overall warming which is actually due to an increase in blood flow.

Yes, it is very safe, and since this technology was established over 30 years ago, PEMF therapy has a strong safety record. Also consider that these electromagnetic fields are the same that the earth emits naturally. The controller is also properly insulated and grounded and sits away from the therapy surface.

Although this described practice of “grounding” is considered beneficial, a session with our PEMF system can do much more because you can target the system to achieve specific goals in a much more concentrated fashion. In addition, unique frequencies, intensities and duration can be dialed in and duplicated for consistency of therapy and reliable results.

Yes. The basic system comes with a full body mat and a smaller mat or “pillow”. The controller works seamlessly with both. If the user has an acute or chronic injury the pillow would be perfect for targeting. If the user wants an overall benefit the full body mat with a setting on relaxation, stimulation, or healing can be achieved.



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